Sofia Bachvarova Visual Artist
Nomad Souls : The Offering (video)
video sculpture and performance

Nomad Souls - artist statement:

Nomad Souls is a visual representation of the “letting go", which one must undertake at their point of parting with worldly existence.

The sculptural part of the installation “Nomad Souls: The Gathering” allows the viewer to gain entry into this environment by allowing them to walk through and around the objects, which are suspended as in a state of preservation/ protection.

Nomad Souls are seeds, memory imprints of one’s past experiences, which exist independently from the Self.

By becoming physical manifestations of emotional states, these objects become imbued with the “anima” (vital principle) of their past owners and in that sense become guardians or sanctuaries meant to look perhaps threatening to the outsider.

The Nomad Souls carry within them the Eternal Return, the desires of the wonderer.
They are non-gender specific and religion-and-age irrelevant.
The objects are also shamanic by nature because of their ability to communicate at subliminal levels.

The video and sound part of the installation investigate the psychological space of the encounter. As the projection pervades viewer’s attention, the awareness of the three-dimensional objects around them fades out of focus; becomes myopic.
The state of vertigo and a suspension are akin to what in Tibetan mythology is described as the Bardo; a "river of limbo" where one must try to recognize their attachments and make choices which eventually will determine the future of their existence.

It is precisely my interest in such relationships between perception and manifestation, which prompts me to explore a variety of visual metaphors through the medium of installation.

The projection titled “Nomad Souls: The Offering” is a visual rendering of the transmutation of energy from one state of being to another, such as life to death, or dream to awakening.
It is a ritual for the symbolic getting rid of that which no longer serves.

Sofia Bachvarova 2011/2012 all rights reserved.
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