Sofia Bachvarova Visual Artist
Beyond The Hanging Garden: Bardo I
oil/leaf on canvas
54 x 50 inch
"Beyond The Hanging Garden" investigates the transitory states of consciousness between our past and future existences, described in the Tibetan Book Of The Dead as bardo, or in western ontology as limbo.

“The Bardo Thodol [Tibetan Book of the Dead] began by being a closed book, and so it has remained, no matter what kind of commentaries may be written upon it. For it is a book that will only open itself to spiritual understanding, and this is a capacity which no man is born with, but which he can only acquire through special training and special experience. It is good that such to all intents and purposes useless books exist. They are meant for those queer folk who no longer set much store by the uses, aims, and meaning of present- day civilization.” Carl Jung
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