Sofia Bachvarova Visual Artist
Guts and Glory Vimana
mixed media wired light sculpture
approx. 18" dia.
This is the first Vimana of the series and it is akin to the act of birthing.
A vehicle for emerging, it is meant to evoke the visceral sensation of intestinal organs, blood and all things flesh.
The piece does not appear repulsive upon initial observation. It is overall quite attractive with its blood red light illuminating various deep magenta glass pieces and glowing lotuses. Yet upon closer look other forms begin to be distinguished and despite being initially beguiled by their luster, the viewer realizes with disgust that these are perhaps worms devouring flesh or intestinal forms sustaining it.
The attraction-repulsion which the overall look of this piece might arise in the viewer, is cued to our subconscious fascination with the abject and our tendency to feel ashamed if attracted to strange beauty.
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