Sofia Bachvarova Visual Artist
Vessel_After Dante /side view/
dioramic sculpture with fiberoptic lights
This dioramic sculpture within sculpture emerged as an organic hybrid between a sci-fi relic and a ritualistic object. This miniature self-contained universe is a beast of multiple bardos and deep inside its belly an erotic orgy unfolds. Pleasure is guttural and unapologetic and in total hedonistic abandonment.
Its outer surface crawls with figures in a dance of mourning abandonment while demonic creatures swallow them whole, feeding off of their sorrow.
A smaller diorama can be seen through the "eye" of the beast. It is orderly, calm and pretty inside, shrine of the sarcotic, genitalia of intermixed sex flowering among this miniature garden of Eden, a beatific vision of platonic desire - sterile, yet safe and approachable.
The beast is a bird but also a flying house, not unlike the one Baba Yaga of russian folk tales used as her abode. It is also a Vimana, of course*.

*(more about my Vimana sculptures can be found in portfolio under same title)
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