Sofia Bachvarova Visual Artist
All That Remains After We've Sang Our SorrowsThe VowsBeyond The Hanging Gardens  /  Bardo VBeyond The Hanging Gardens / Bardo IVShe Often Found Herself Tethered Between What Wasn't There And What Was To Be Gone NextTrepidation Of One Such Were the Laws of Tacit UnderstandingShe Never Loved A Man Like This BeforeThe Last Time She Saw Him He Told Her It Will Be ForeverBeyond The Hanging Garden: Bardo ITat Vam Asi Beyond The Hanging Garden: Bardo IIBeyond The Hanging Garden: Coming UndoneCockfight Percephone's DreamShe Was Often Reported Gone On a Wild Goose ChaseBetween The Dancer and The Dance"The Mysterious Flame "
These paintings are shamanic journeys.
They do not aim to tell stories, although they seem to do so.
They are about nonsensical rituals - borrowed or invented, which only seem familiar to the figures engaged in them. Alien in nature, yet familiar in its visceral charge, the alchemical journey is to be taken alone.