Sofia Bachvarova Visual Artist
Tat Tvam Asi All That Remains After We've Sang Our SorrowsTrepidation Of OneThe VowsBeyond The Hanging Gardens  /  Bardo VBeyond The Hanging Gardens / Bardo IVShe Often Found Herself Tethered Between What Wasn't There And What Was To Be Gone NextAmongst Counting Crows and Queen Anne's lace  Such Were the Laws of Tacit UnderstandingThe Last Time She Saw Him He Told Her It Will Be ForeverBeyond The Hanging Garden: Bardo IBeyond The Hanging Garden: Bardo IIBeyond The Hanging Garden: Coming UndoneCockfight Percephone's DreamShe Was Often Reported Gone On a Wild Goose ChaseWoWNoWAnd He Entrusted Him with the Sword of IgnoranceBetween The Dancer and The Dance"The Mysterious Flame "
These paintings are shamanic journeys.
They do not aim to tell specific stories, although they seem to do so.

These could be visual revelations of non-temporal rituals, which only seem familiar to the figures engaged in them.

Alien, yet familiar in its visceral charge, each Alchemical journey is meant to be taken alone.